Mindfulness is good for business

We give businesses and organizations access to the most advanced and comprehensive selection of mindfulness and meditation content so they can transform the experience and satisfaction of their customers and employees while growing their bottom line.

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Why invest in mindfulness?

People want mindfulness. The western world is showing a tremendous interest in mindfulness and meditation not only as a practice, but as a way of life. Scientists are starting to discover extraordinary benefits of meditation that go beyond just relaxation. And, companies who want to stay ahead of the curve and differentiate themselves from competitors are investing in mindfulness to strengthen their connection with their employees, consumers, and the nation at large. It's good for you, it's good for people, and it's good for businesses.

What is mindfulness, how is it good for business?

Mindfulness is the process of using our intention, understanding, and awareness to stay focused on the present and not get lost in counterproductive fears and negative emotions.

  • Cultivate Loyalty

    Show customers and employees that you care about their wellbeing and mindfulness to differentiate you from competitors and cultivate loyalty for your brand

  • Improve Satisfaction

    Help customers and employees take the edge off to promote better customer experiences and a better workplace environment

  • Promote Happiness and Productivity

    Improve focus, attention, and satisfaction to increase happiness and productivity

  • Help your business, help the world

    Positively impact your bottom line while helping the world grow - more mindful people means a more mindful planet


We have over 450 guided meditations spanning 20+ categories to help people with stress, motivation, creativity, performance, teamwork, sleep, physical ailments, personal issues, and more. These samples will be available soon. In the meantime, click on "Browse Collection" in the menu at the top of our page.

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    Intro to Mindfulness

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    Releasing the Stress Response

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    Feeling Good

Our clients

We serve corporations who wish to complement their existing services to end consumers with mindfulness practices that promote a positive customer experience. We also serve companies seeking a cost-effective mindfulness program for their employees.

  • Content Distribution Networks

  • Healthcare Orgs

  • Airlines

  • Airports

  • Entertainment Providers

  • Hotels

  • Education Institutions

  • Employers

  • Non-profits

  • Government Organizations

  • Schools

  • Radio Networks

Content Delivery Methods

We can adapt to your existing infrastructure to make implementation seemless, fast, and affordable.

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    For companies who offer wifi hotspots (like airports, coffee shops, or employers), we can plug into your existing network so your customers and employees can stream meditations wirelessly anywhere.

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    Media Systems

    If, like hotels, hospitals, or airplanes, you offer an in-room or behind the seat entertainment system through television, media boxes, or other configurations we can integrate with your current system so you don't have to change a thing.

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    Organizations who prefer a hands off approach can grant instant access to all their members via our website which comes with a prebuilt user interface.


We offer very affordable pricing for small, medium, and large organizations including national and multinational corporations. We'll come up with a proposal that best fits your business model, budget, and current infrastructure and even create specific mindfulness practices for your unique needs. For organizations seeking access for 100 users or less through our user interface, you can view our pricing at the bottom of this page. If you're a larger organization that requires a different delivery model, please contact us.

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