The Service, including meditations and life coaching, is provided as a self-help, motivation, and personal-improvement resource. It is not intended to be a replacement for supervised medical and/or psychological treatments, and Service Provider does not represent or warrant that it or its members, employees, subcontractors, affiliates, vendors, directors, officers, Users and agents have any medical or psychological training, education, or certificates. While participating in the Services, participants may experience energetic shifts or otherwise experience physical, mental, spiritual, and/or psychological disturbances.  People who suffer from epilepsy or are otherwise pre-disposed to seizures, wear a pacemaker, are under the influence of alcohol and/or mind-altering medication or drugs, or are driving or operating heavy machinery or will be doing so within one (1) hour of using the Services should seek permission from a licensed medical professional.  You should only use the Service while you are in a safe environment where you can devote all your attention to the Service.  None of the content or information provided is by any means intended to serve as professional advice, diagnosis, or promises of any kind including but not limited to advice related to law, finance, business, health, psychology, medicine, or any other professional advice.  We always recommend that you consult a professional for any such advice.

There have been rare reports where people with certain psychiatric problems like anxiety and depression have experienced worsening conditions in conjunction with intensive meditation practice. People with existing mental health conditions should speak with their health care providers before starting a meditation practice.