Beginners Breathing

Chi Gong Meditation for Relaxation

A guided Chi Gong meditation for relaxation that helps you how to quickly let go, relax, and ground yourself in your body using a Chi Gong breathing and sound practice from the lineage of Master Teresa and her highly esteemed teacher, Master Wu.

This guided Chi Gong meditation for relaxation uses breathing, sound, and Chi Gong energy in order to help you break down negative energy in your body, mind, and emotions.  By breaking down negative energy, you restore your physical, mental, and emotional body to its natural state of balance and harmony.

When in balance and harmony, it’s easy to feel relaxed, at peace, grounded, creative, happy, aware, and conscious, and thus to enjoy wonderful relationships with others and to fill fulfilled and joyful in your life.

This guided Chi Gong meditation for relaxation will bring you into a deep state of relaxation and help you minimize and clear the negative influence of stress, worry, and anxiety on your health, your overall wellbeing, your relationships, and your life.

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