Cancer Recovery

Meditation for Cancer Support and Recovery

A meditation for cancer healing and recovery that you can use in adjunction to a traditional or/ and holistic treatment plan in order to enhance the benefits of any healing approach and accelerate your healing.

In this guided meditation for cancer healing and recovery, you will learn how to clear physical and emotional tension in your body, clear, heal, and release any fear associated with having cancer, focus positively on your healing instead of reacting to negative fear projections and despair about your current health issues, trace and gradually heal the source of cancer at the root, and use powerful visualizations and positive affirmations to empower yourself to heal and feel better and better as you accelerate towards your healing.

This meditation for cancer healing and recovery combines breathing, visualization, positive affirmations, emotional release techniques, and focus in order to help you achieve a high vibration energy state that supports the dissolution and resolution of health issues associated with cancer.

Giving yourself permission to feel good right now and to hold a consistently positive vision of your healing and wholeness is key to healing and becoming free of cancer.

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