Oneness Guided Meditation for Feeling Uplifted and Grateful

A guided meditation that uplifts you through the exploration of our connection to the Universe and everything that is in the Universe, cultivating positive feelings and emotions of love, gratitude and connection that naturally help us feel good and whole.

This short guided meditation for Uplifting and Oneness s designed to help you shift into positive, elevated emotions and to experience oneness with everyone and everything that is.

You can use this guided meditation in order to feel more joy, awe, uplifting energy, and to connect to the oneness that unites us all any time you feel down or whenever you want a quick boost to bring your energy up (into your higher energy centers)

The content and inspiration for this guided meditation are the result of years of studies, training, and personal practice of various healing methodologies and self-cultivation practices of Qi Gong and various systems of meditation and Tantra Yoga.

The benefits of such a process of resonance with the energy of oneness, gratitude, and being uplifted are being scientifically demonstrated by Neuroscientists like Dr Joe Dispenza, who is a leader in the field of understanding how meditation affects the brain, mind, and body.

Practicing this guided meditation as often as you’d like can help you feel more uplifted, connected to others, grateful for your life, bring your energy into your higher energy centers so that you may experience more elevated states of emotions and consciousness more consistently.

It can also help you learn how to cultivate and radiate this energy state into the world.

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