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Back of the Heart Release – Guided Meditation

A guided meditation that allows for the release of negative thoughts, emotions, fears, beliefs, expectations, judgments and anything negative that is not supportive of your personal goals. Feel better and rapidly let go of anything that does not serve you.

This guided meditation is designed to help you learn how to transcend negative thoughts, emotions, beliefs, fears, patterns, habits, and other non optimal dynamics that tend to derail you from your process of being present, at peace, and connected to the field of infinite possibilities where change is always possible and happening in ‘real time.’

This meditation is inspired by the teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Karmic Healer, John Jones, and various healing modalities.

The space at the back of our heart is recognized in many traditions as the seat of our souls. As we place our awareness there, we bring energy in this space deep within our heart center and we have access to the energy of our soul for healing.

Practicing this meditation daily, or as often as you like, will help you to clear, heal, and release fears, negative emotions, negative thoughts and other non-optimal energy patterns and habits that are creating a state of non-alignment that makes it difficult for you to achieve your intentions and goals.

This meditation can help you create greater health, unlimited abundance, more harmonious and loving relationships, greater joy and happiness, success in your career, meaningful mystical experiences, and anything else that you want to experience in your life, including living in a state of unconditional love, gratitude and awe.

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