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Letting Go Guided Meditation using the Sedona Method

A guided meditation that helps you release expectations, judgments, fears, beliefs, negative thoughts and emotions that bring you pain and limit your experience of life so that you may reclaim your health, joy and happiness in life.

This letting go guided meditation uses the Sedona method to help you let go and free yourself from the stress, anxiety, and other unwanted emotions that come as a result of holding on to past hurt, pain, conflict, and trauma.

The content and inspiration for this meditation comes from the original Sedona method as well as relaxation techniques that support the process of letting go. Letting go and surrendering is a process. It’s possible to learn it and therefore to become able to let go with less resistance and pain.

By educating your energy system on the process of letting go, you create more space for the new and you also gain the capacity to experience more inner peace, joy, and happiness in within yourself and in your relationships more of the time. Practicing this guided meditation for letting go daily, or as often as you choose, can help you quickly shift from survival modes of fight/ freeze/ flight into creative and thriving states of being and living.

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