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Healthy & Whole Guided Meditation | Raise your Vibration and Unlock your Body’s Natural Defenses | Corona Virus Prevention & Healing

A longer guided meditation that boosts immunity and improves your health through mindfulness, intentional breathing and visualization.

This Healthy & Whole guided meditation is designed to help you strengthen your immune system, raise oxygen levels in your blood stream and body, remove toxic build up and impurities, and raise your vibration to support the prevention and reduce the impact of disease, illness, viral and bacterial infections such as the Corona virus and others.

The inspiration for this meditation comes from a variety of ancient and modern techniques and traditions aimed at supporting health, wholeness, wellbeing, inner balance and harmony in body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Using this meditation in a constructive manner can help support the prevention of illness, disease, and infections of all sorts or/ and reduce the duration of such conditions through the raising of your vibration, strengthening of your immune system, and unlocking of your natural defense system.

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Music credit: Fluidscape by Kevin MacLeod

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This guided meditation acts as an adjunct to other health measures and precautions. It is NOT a replacement for seeking health advice and receiving medical treatment from health professionals. Please consult your doctor or other health professionals to ensure that you remain in optimal health.