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Yantra Meditation for Protection from Corona Virus and other low vibration energies | Corona Prevention & Healing

This Yantra guided meditation is designed to help you resonate with high vibration healing and protective energies and to embody them in order to increase your protection from the Coronavirus and other low vibration energies.

By practicing this yantra meditation, you will create a powerful protective energy field around your body and self of very high vibration energies that you can then emanate into your home, your office, or anywhere else you go all of the time.

The more you practice this meditation, the stronger the protection and your field.

In addition to the benefits of receiving greater protection from any and all kinds of low vibration energies, this yantra meditation will raise your overall vibration and help you to connect to higher vibration energies, beings, and associated life situations and circumstances.  Yantra contemplation also helps you develop your psychic powers, focus and visualization skills, and opens your 3rd eye.

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