Intention & Intuition

Guided Meditation to Open Your Heart and Receive Spiritual Guidance

A guided meditation that opens and heals your heart chakra and helps you become open to receive spiritual guidance from spirit guides and other ascended beings.

Opening your heart helps you become more receptive to the messages and energies that can guide you to find solutions to perceived problems that seem unresolvable.

We spend a lot of time in our mind, worrying, fearing, projecting things that we don’t want to happen, or reacting to our misapprehensions of failure or not being able to achieve what is most important and meaningful to us.

It’s possible with time and intentionality to transcend those tendencies and instead of relying on the mind, to open our hearts and trust that no matter what happens everything will be fine and that we are being guided, loved, and supported every step of the way.

When we trust our heart and experience an inner knowing that we are safe, loved, and supported, it becomes easier for us to follow our inner guidance and to receive messages, insights, and information that makes our lives easier, more peaceful, and enjoyable.

There are various techniques that can help you open your heart chakra and become aligned to receive spiritual guidance. You can choose one that most resonates with you and that gives you the kinds of results that you prefer.

In this meditation, we guide you through a short and effective process that helps open your heart by clearing blockages in this part of your energy system, healing past pain and hurt that has accumulated there, and circulating new and pure energy through it.

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