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Mindfulness Meditation for Heart Coherence and Elevated Emotions

This guided meditation aims at bringing about heart coherence and elevated emotions such as gratitude, joy, and awe in order to enhance your overall wellbeing and help you manifest with more ease and flow.

This mindfulness meditation for heart coherence and elevated emotions is inspired by the teachings of Neuroscientist, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and pulls from various disciplines and traditions of meditation, Buddhism, yoga, and visualization.

Through a delicate process of connecting to the energy of space within and all around your body, it becomes easier to dis-identify from your body, ego, and more generically, with matter in local space and time.

Through this process of dis-identification from your body and mind, it becomes easier to connect to the field around you, which is filled with infinite possibilities.

Once ’empty’ or ‘dis-identified’, a new you can emerge and you can cultivate elevated emotions such as gratitude, joy, and awe.

In this state of gratitude, you begin to receive anything that you’ve imagined and have already felt grateful for, and much more.

When you’re grateful for something that you want, you are no longer separate from it.  In this way, your emotional signature matches that of the event, situation, or relationship that you previously felt separate from.

The simple act of dis-identifying from the old self and connecting to your new self through elevated emotions collapses space and time and pulls the event, situation, or relationship to you without effort or frustration.

Practicing this meditation daily or several times a day will help with manifestation, creativity, healing, stress-relief, connection, and feeling more and more whole, and give you a greater capacity to access the field of consciousness where all possibilities are available.

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