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Mindfulness Meditation for Personal Change and Transformation

This mindfulness meditation for personal change and transformation is designed to help you transcend old patterns, habits, and behaviors and to embrace the new you you want to be.

You don’t have to remain bound to your old ways and the habits, patterns, and behaviors of your old self that keep you thinking, making decisions, acting, and feeling the same way day after day after day.

It’s possible to ‘break the habit of being ourselves’, to transcend our inherited conditioning and our addictions to feeling the same way every day in order that we can create a new personality and thus experience a new reality as a result.

Through a process of visualization, self-inquiry, and profoundly connecting to the feelings and emotions of these images and the personality you want to become, you can start letting go of the old self and embracing the new you.

This mindfulness meditation for personal change and transformation is designed to supporting you in becoming a new you and creating a new reality that is a reflection of the inner and outer world you want to live in.

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