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Personal Transformation | A New You Guided Meditation | Recreate Yourself in the Present Moment

This guided meditation, A New You, is designed to help you let go of the old self, old thoughts, patterns, emotions, and behaviors that are no longer serving you and to tune into and resonate with who you want to be.

Recreating yourself happens in every moment when you choose to let go of the subconscious programming you’ve been conditioned into and to actualize the future self you choose to be be in the present moment by choosing it and embodying it again and again and again.

By practicing this guided meditation, A New You, you gain the opportunity to resonate with elevated states of emotions during the meditation and after, and to start feeling and experiencing more of what you want to feel and experience in your life right now. Through the cultivation of wholeness and oneness with every experience, feeling, emotion, and quality that you choose, you become one with them and clear the illusion of lack and separation.

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