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Personal Transformation | Release ALL Expectations Guided Meditation | Achieve your Intentions without Pressure or Stress

This NO EXPECTATIONS guided meditation is designed to help you clear your own self-expectations so that you can feel more open, light, and free to live the life you choose from moment to moment.

By releasing your own expectations, you liberate a lot of energy that otherwise gets drained worrying, anticipating the worst case scenarios, judging yourself, or feeling disappointed for not meeting your own expectations.

Having NO EXPECTATIONS doesn’t mean having no intention. On the contrary, when you don’t have expectations, you have more energy to navigate life consciously and to take steps towards manifesting your most desired intentions and goals.

Using this meditation regularly will help you shift from a life of pressure, stress, and self-criticism that comes with expectations to a life of oneness, receiving, deep joy, and inner peace that comes when living intentionally.

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