Intro Meditation Program

Guided Meditation to Learn Self-Hypnosis and Reprogram the Subconscious Mind for Happiness and Success – Part 3

A short guided meditation that teaches you how to anchor positive affirmations and suggestions into your subconscious mind, the most receptive part of your mind where they can start to create fundamental shifts that will support you in achieving your intentions and goals. This short meditation only takes about 3 minutes to complete and can be done at any time during the day.

By using this guided meditation, you can quickly become very relaxed, highly focused, and able to shift your emotional and mental state to reflect and align with your intentions and goals.  Before using this guided meditation, you will have wanted to first complete parts 1 & 2 of learning self-hypnosis.

Whether you want to lose weight, attract a soulmate, enhance your relationships, resolve repeated conflicts, reduce stress and anxiety, increase your financial abundance, accelerate a promotion or career opportunity, improve your health, remove unwanted blockages, increase self-confidence, enhance your sense of self-awareness and ease in life, or achieve any intention or goal that is most meaningful to you, learning self-hypnosis can help you and accelerate you towards the life success that you most desire.

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