Beginners Intention & Intuition Intro Meditation Program

Mindfulness Meditation for Intentions and Manifestation

A guided meditation that helps beginners in meditation, and others who are new to the law of attraction and manifestation, learn how to clearly set intentions, focus on them optimally, and consciously prioritize their intentions over the expectations and demands of others.

If you’re not clear about what your personal intentions are, or if you’ve been finding it difficult not to get distracted by others and other competing demands on your time and energy, then using this meditation will help you learn how to set intentions for yourself, your relationships, your career, your money goals, your health, or anything else that is important to you as well as manage your focus and energy so that you can achieve your most desired intentions and goals.

By being clear, intentional, and focused, you will become less easily distracted and it will become easier for you to manifest the intentions and goals that are most meaningful to you.

This kind of clarity and focus is one of the main secrets to manifestation and the law of attraction.

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