Beginners Intro Meditation Program Personal Growth

Mindfulness Meditation for Letting Go

A guided meditation that teaches beginners in meditation and people who struggle to easily let go how to rapidly let go of all tension, pain and discomfort on the physical, mental and emotional levels, leading to deep states of relaxation and spontaneous meditation.

Letting go can feel like one of the hardest things to do, and yet it is one of the greatest things we can do for ourselves. Whatever has happened is the past and resisting it only keeps us feeling stuck and somewhat victimized or disempowered rather than consciously focusing on how to approach and respond to any situation that arises so that we can optimize the outcome now and in the future.

When we teach ourselves to let go, it’s like when we strengthen a muscle and it can now bear more weight, be more flexible, and respond better to any demand.  Learning to let go when we are not in a triggered emotional state helps us to train that muscle so that when we do get triggered and something comes up it becomes much easier to let go.

Through the exploration of our physical body and mind during meditation, we can become aware of where we normally hold tension and stress and release those over time so that we can become more relaxed, at peace, and therefore experience more joy and happiness in our lives.

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