Guided Meditation for Higher Brain Power and Super Intelligence

A guided meditation that can further increase brain function and intelligence by bringing energy, vitality, and plasticity to your brain while removing physical, mental and emotional blockages in the way of experiencing super intelligence.

This guided meditation for higher brain functioning and super intelligence helps you activate your brain center by simply bringing your awareness in the area of your brain and focusing your attention there.

The content and inspiration for this meditation comes from the study and practice of Tibetan Reiki Tummo and the likely benefits are supported by the work and research of Neuroscientist, Dr Joe Dispenza.

Practicing this guided meditation for higher brain functioning and super intelligence daily, or as often as you choose, can help you bring more energy to the brain, clear and balance the neurotransmitters in your brain, optimize brain functioning, and achieve a state of super intelligence and access to higher states of consciousness.

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