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Ganesha mantra meditation for removing obstacles

A guided mantra meditation that uses sound in the form of the Ganesha mantra to remove any obstacles, physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual.

Ganesha Mantra:



English Approximate Meaning:

‘Om and salutations to the remover of obstacles for which Gum is the seed.’

Mantra is a powerful tool of the mind that enables us to achieve many different intentions and goals.  Some mantras focus on the clearing and dissolution of certain unwanted patterns, habits, and dynamics, and others focus on creating and receiving a certain situation, state of consciousness, relationship, etc.

The Ganesha mantra meditation for removing obstacles facilitates the clearing, healing, and removal of any and all obstacles that might be preventing you from achieving or receiving a certain life situation or result.

The Ganesha mantra meditation for removing obstacles can help you accelerate towards any intention or goal and help you achieve happiness and success in your relationship, receive more abundance and money, accelerate on your career path, improve your health, achieve a higher state of consciousness, and remove any obstacles in your way in any dimensions of your life.

Ganesha is a powerful Indian deity, from the Hindu tradition, and is not a religious figure in itself.  Ganesha is the embodiment and the manifestation of the energy that clears our path of all mental obscurations that create obstacles in our lives.

When using the Ganesha mantra meditation for removing obstacles, focus on your intention and what you are wanting to achieve as well as all of the obstacles that might, consciously and unconsciously, be influencing you in your process of receiving what you want with the clear and one-pointed intention of removing all obstacles in your way.

We recommend that you practice the Ganesha mantra meditation for removing obstacles twice a day for at least 40 days in order to experience permanent results and the dissolution of obstacles in any of the situation you are working with.  This will allow for the mantra to be grounded and anchored in your energy system, where it will continue to be present and facilitate you in removing obstacles in other areas of your life.

The Ganesha mantra is a particularly powerful and effective mantra and useful mantra to begin a mantra practice with as it is easily accessible to everyone and grants rapid results, sometimes within hours or days.

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