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Deepest Healing Guided Meditation: Experience Miracles and Transcend All Pain and Suffering through Surrender

This guided meditation, Deepest Healing and Transcendence of Pain is designed to support healing at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels as well as teach you how to surrender more and transcend any prior experience of pain.

The structure and approach used in this meditation was received as spiritual guidance during my own meditation while tuning into how to help myself and others permanently transcend pain, illness, disease, discomfort, and experience the deepest healing. 

It’s inspired by research work of Dr Joe Dispenza on the effects of meditation on healing and the teachings of Karmic Healer, John Jones, as well as various traditions of meditation and healing such as Tibetan Reiki (Tummo), Japanese (Usui) Reiki, and Medical Qi Gong, which are all disciplines that we’ve learned and integrated into our healing methodology .

By learning how to continuously dis-identify from the ego and all of its associated patterns and the pain that comes with them, we have the capacity to – with practice and over time – experience the deepest healing and completely change our relationship to pain, illness, and suffering, and to ultimately transcend the ‘need’ for any of them as a process of karmic learning.

Practicing this meditation as often as you’d like, or any time that you feel separate from wealth, health, harmony, balance, joy, love, happiness, fulfillment, and all of the other wonderful experiences and emotions available to you, will help you reconnect to wholeness and oneness, and remember your true power as an innate healer and tap into the miracles that are always there when we move beyond the analytical mind.

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