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Instant Stress Relief Guided Meditation: Resonating with the Solution to your Problems

This Instant Stress Relief guided meditation is designed to help you learn how to minimize the influence of the energy of stress, worry, and anxiety and to tune into the energy of your heart center and start resonating to the solution to the issues and challenges in your life that generate stress, worry, and anxiety.

By learning how to stop operating from stress and survival and begin to open our hearts to the present moment with its infinite potentials, we can start being more relaxed, positive, creative, conscious, and focused on resolving long standing issues and challenges that would otherwise reduce the quality of our lives.

Practicing this guided meditation as often as you feel inspired to can help you swiftly shift out of negative mental and emotional states where you experience lack, pain, aversion, attachment, stress, worry, anxiety, and the desire to control people, situations, and outcomes.  In this way, you can positively redirect your attention and energy towards feeling good and safe in the present moment and allow new things to flow into your realm of consciousness and reality as a result, including the solutions to all perceived problems. Using this meditation regularly will also begin to positively transform all of your relationships.

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For more guided meditations or educational videos by Dexter and Alessandrina, please subscribe to our channel.

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