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Becoming Whole and Thriving

In this meditation for wholeness and integration, you’ll learn how to integrate parts of yourself that have operated from survival so that you can experience the wholeness of your being and move into a state of thriving.

This meditation is inspired by the teachings of Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Brian Weiss, and the principles of Gestalt psychology and integration in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

When we heal and integrate parts of our ‘self’ that have previously been motivating non-optimal decisions, behaviors, habits, thought patterns, and emotions, we become self-empowered to make choices that will support new thoughts, new emotions, and new behaviors, thus supporting the creation of a new reality.

It’s possible for us to consciously co-create our reality with Divine Source when we are connected to our own divinity and we integrate ego parts of ourselves that previously kept us separate from ourselves, others, and the destiny we wish to merge with.

Practicing this meditation daily or several times a day can help support a greater state of wholeness and integration and therefore accelerate you towards your intentions and goals in a state of love, compassion, patience, inner peace, balance, and harmony.

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