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Becoming One With Love: Heart Activation Guided Meditation

This guided meditation, Becoming One with Love, is designed to activate your heart center and support you in feeling more love and operating from your heart center more consistently and therefore make your decisions from your heart and get the results that you want in your life.

This meditation is inspired by the teachings and research of Dr. Joe Dispenza as well as various traditions of meditation and healing.

Through the activation of your heart center, you will become more present, relaxed, aware, and able to connect to the field of infinite intelligence and pure love all around you, filling your body, yourself, your life, and all of your relationships wit this pure love and experiencing more love, joy, inner peace, happiness, and deep fulfillment as a result

Practicing this meditation as often as you’d like, or any time that you perceive some dimension of lack, pain, suffering, or separation from what is most meaningful to you in your life can lead to significant changes in your energy state and help you more easily   achieve your most important intentions and goals.  It will also bring about more inner peace, joy, love, feelings of connection, personal satisfaction, and deep fulfillment.

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