Beginners Personal Growth

Mindfulness Meditation for Body Awareness and Self Exploration

A guided mindfulness meditation for body awareness and self exploration that helps you become increasingly aware of your body, move your awareness from body part to body part, and explore the space of your physical body in a deeply relaxing and meditative manner.

This mindfulness meditation for body awareness and self-exploration is a wonderful tool to both develop and increase your self-awareness and become aware of where you might be holding tension in your physical body and any associated thoughts, memories, feelings, and emotions that might be stored and participating in tension or discomfort in your physical body.

By cultivating body awareness, you can accelerate your process of releasing and resolving unwanted patterns of thought, behavior, emotion, stress, and more.

The more aware you become of your physical body, the more you can relax it further and cultivate an optimal state of being on the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual levels.

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