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Cultivating Gratitude and Elevated Emotions

This guided meditation is designed to help you open you heart and bring about a state of heart and brain coherence, which in turn reinforces the state of heart coherence. When your brain and heart are in a state of coherence, the electromagnetic field around your heart and body expands. As the field around your body expands, you are free to connect with the field of pure consciousness and begin to emit a signal into the field that carries the vibration (information) of your deepest intentions.

This meditation is inspired by the teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza and the practice of gratitude and appreciation in Tibetan Buddhism.

Opening your heart is the secret to manifestation, When you open your heart, you open the ‘gates to heaven’ and you begin to receive all of the miracles that are always available to you when you raise your energy state and vibration.

Learning to cultivate elevated emotions, such as gratitude, holds the key to letting go of the old self and all of the emotions that keep us replaying the past over and over again, and allows us to open ourselves up to receiving something completely new. As Dr. Joe so clearly explains, when we practice gratitude, we are in a state of receivership. It’s already happened and we merge with our intentions and dreams.

Practicing this meditation daily, or as often as you like, will help you to open your heart more and more and manifest the life you want from a state of elevated emotions that connects you to the infinite field of intelligence.

This meditation can help you create greater health, unlimited abundance, more harmonious and loving relationships, greater joy and happiness, success in your career, meaningful mystical experiences, and anything else that you want to experience in your life, including living in a state of gratitude and awe.

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