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Enlightenment: Resonating with God/ Pure Consciousness Guided Meditation

This guided meditation, Enlightenment: resonating with Pure / God Consciousness is designed help you bring the light of consciousness into all aspects of your being so that you may clear negative thoughts and emotions, detrimental patterns and addictions, and other unwanted blocks to experiencing true happiness, health, and joy in life.

This meditation is inspired by the teachings of Karmic Healer, John Jones, as well as various traditions of meditation and healing.

By breathing in and connecting on the light of consciousness/ God, you will become more present, relaxed, aware, and able to connect to the field of infinite intelligence and pure love all around you, filling your body, yourself, your life, and all of your relationships wit God’s love and light and experiencing more love, joy, inner peace, happiness, and deep fulfillment as a result.

Practicing this meditation as often as you’d like, or any time that you feel separate from wealth, health, harmony, balance, joy, love, happiness, fulfillment, and all of the other wonderful experiences and emotions available to you, will help you reconnect and remember who you truly are.  By shining the light of consciousness / God onto all aspects of yourself and your life, you will continuously climb the ladder of consciousness towards enlightenment and oneness with God.

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