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Guided Past Life Regression Meditation based on Dr. Brian Weiss Progressive Relaxation

This past life regression meditation uses the exact same progressive relaxation technique taught to us by Dr Brian Weiss, world renowned psychiatrist and best seller author of Many Lives, Many Masters, Miracles Happen, and 7 other books on Past Lives and the benefits of past life regression.

Using the past life regression meditation can help you develop spiritually, emotionally, and mentally and have many positive experiences.

It can help you:

· Learn details about your past and connect to your life purpose

· Develop intuition and psychic abilities

· Discover your spiritual connection to loved ones (living and “deceased”)

· Experience how you are an immortal Soul that is always loved and can never be harmed

· Communicate with, and receive healing energy from spiritual beings

· Gain deep insight to help you resolve issues and patterns in your life and make great progress towards your goals

· Explore how your subconscious mind influences your daily life

· Develop your mindfulness, meditation, and visualization skills

· Learn how to relax and release stress! Past life regression can help you clear, heal, and resolve deep-seated issues within the subconscious mind which are creating blockages in your life right now.

Whether you’re experiencing challenges in the area of health, financial abundance, relationships, fulfillment, career, etc., a past life regression session can be cathartic in resolving these issues and more.

Alessandrina and Dexter Dorer, who host monthly hypnosis and past life regression, are both certified by Dr. Brian Weiss to teach and perform hypnosis past life regression.

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