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Law of Attraction and Manifestation: Into the Unknown and Infinite Possibilities

This guided meditation is designed to help you open your heart more and begin to connect to more elevated states of emotions and being in order that you change your field of energy and your reality.

This guided meditation is designed to help you feel comfortable surrendering and letting go of the known and the old self so that you can confidently step into the unknown, inviting the future you that is filled with new possibilities and potentials into your life.

This guided meditation is based upon the teachings of Dr Joe Dispenza, and Spiritual Masters,, Ramana Maharshi and Jiddu Krishnamurti. It pulls from the disciplines of self-hypnosis, yogic scriptures, the science of meditation, and other esoteric and healing practices that help us transcend the ego and the known and faithfully step into the realm of the unknown and transcendence.

In this guided meditation, stepping into the unknown, you’ll be guided to dis-identify from the old self and the perceived known where most people live and operate from and begin to surrender to the present moment and invite new possibilities.

Practicing this meditation daily, or several times a day if you can, will help with healing, manifestation, creativity, stress-relief, ego deconstruction, connection, self-love and self-confidence, harmony in relationships, and feeling more and more whole and unconditionally loving, experience more equanimity, and give you a greater capacity to access the field of consciousness where all possibilities are available for you to create something completely new in every moment.

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