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Mindfulness Meditation for Brain Coherence and Enlightenment

This guided meditation aims at bringing about brain coherence and higher states of consciousness, with the intention of walking up the ladder of consciousness towards enlightenment, as a result.

This mindfulness meditation for brain coherence and enlightenment inspired by the teachings of Neuroscientist, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and pulls from various disciplines and traditions of meditation, yoga, qi gong, and visualization.

Through a disciplined process of pulling the energy from the lower energy centers into the brain, the spinal fluid becomes activated and electrically charged leading to an accumulation of refined energy of a higher quality and vibration in the brain.

Not only does this supports greater communication between the various centers in the brain, thereby leading to greater brain coherence, it also activates the pineal gland and supports the activation and opening of the third eye.

Practicing this meditation daily or several times a day will help with creativity, focus, intelligence, imagination, self-empowerment, vision and intuition, brain and general physical health and alertness, and a greater capacity to access the field of consciousness where all possibilities are available.

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