Beginners Personal Growth

Mindfulness Meditation

A guided meditation that helps beginners in meditation, and people who often feel distracted or ungrounded, learn about mindfulness and how the process of mindfulness allows you to remain present, relaxed, and enter spontaneous states of meditation.

This short guided mindfulness meditation helps you become more present, aware, and conscious of your surroundings, the things and people around you and their influence on you, your own thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions.

Our capacity to be present defines the quality of our life experience.  The more present, aware, and conscious we become, the more capacity we have to enjoy our lives and to bring about the life experiences and results that are most meaningful to us.

The more you practice mindfulness in your every day life, the more benefits you will enjoy in your relationship to yourself, others, money, health, success, and other dimensions of your being and life.

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