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Open and Activate your Third Eye and Cultivate your Intuition

This guided meditation is designed to help you open and activate your third eye and develop your intuition and sense of inner knowing.

A guided meditation that helps you open and activate your third eye (6th energy center or chakra), thus helping you to develop your intuition and to start receiving inner guidance about your life decisions and your future.

Opening and activating your third eye can help you develop your intuition and your capacity to feel and envision the future you want to create and shape and refine it with more and more precision, unconditional love, conscious wisdom, and discernment.

There are various techniques that can help you open and activate your third eye . Choosing one that most resonates with you and that gives you the kinds of results that you prefer will enhance your experience and the amplify the efficacy of that process. In this meditation, we guide you through a short and effective process that helps open and activate your third eye by clearing blockages in this part of your energy system and circulating new and pure energy through it.

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