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Personal Transformation: Create Your Happiness – How to reset and cultivate consistent inner peace, happiness, and joy in life

This guided meditation, Create Your Happiness, is designed to help you reset in times of stress or triggering and to empower yourself to live in a consistent state of inner peace, happiness, and joy.

The format and content of this meditation was received as spiritual guidance during my own meditation process and is a combination of positive techniques we’ve learnt in hypnosis and NLP, and that we’ve integrated into our healing methodology.

By learning how to cultivate happiness inwardly, remember and remind ourselves of what that feels like, and integrating those self-generated and consciously chosen experiences of self and life, we can begin to feel more inner peace, happiness, and deep joy more and more of the time.

Practicing this meditation as often as you’d like, or any time that you feel stressed, anxious, worried, or insecure about yourself or any life situation, can help you to quickly reset and trigger the relaxation response so that you come back to the present moment and consciously choose your next experience from a place of deep relaxation grounded in your physical body, mind, and emotions.

Learning to cultivate a state of happiness inwardly can help you release stress, anxiety, worry, illness, fatigue, discontent, disappointment, and any and all negative emotions that don’t support the life you choose to create and live.  Anchoring this state of internal happiness will support making more conscious choices that will ultimately support a peaceful, creative, healthy, balanced, loving, and harmonious experience of yourself, others, and life.

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