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Resonating with the Solution and Internal Alignement

This guided meditation is designed to help you open your heart more and begin to connect to more elevated states of emotions and being in order that you change your field of energy and your reality.

This guided meditation is designed to help you attain new perspectives, insights, and results in your relationship to yourself and others and life by shifting into a state of elevated emotions that is different than how you might normally feel.

Einstein observed that, ‘you can’t resolve a problem using the same mindset that created it.’  From within the space of our perceived limitations and problems, we can’t possibly find a solution to our perceived problems.

This meditation is based upon the teachings and research of Dr Joe Dispenza, Buddhist practices of contemplation, Jnana yoga, the laws of Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Epigenetics, and other various healing philosophies and disciplines.

By using this meditation, you can achieve a new emotional state and integrate it into your body in the present moment so that you experience new thoughts, perspectives, and insights as a result of the change in your energy field, thereby allowing for the solution to present itself naturally and with the least amount of effort or resistance.

Practicing this meditation daily, or several times a day will help with healing, manifestation, creativity, problem-solving, stress-relief, connection, and feeling more and more whole, and give you a greater capacity to access the field of consciousness where all possibilities are available and any perceived problem can be resolved.

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