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Timeless Eternal Soul Guided Meditation to transcend time-space limitations

This guided meditation, Timeless, Eternal Soul is designed to support you in transcending time and the limitations that come with it, and to enable you to experience yourself as the eternal soul that you are, more and more of the time.

The format and content of this meditation was received as spiritual guidance during my own meditation process while asking for deeper understandings about the nature of time and how to transcend the stress and worry that most people experience in regards to time, i.e. usually feeling like they don’t have enough of it or that they’re constantly behind or running out of time in their lives.

It’s inspired by research work of Dr Joe Dispenza on the effects of meditation on healing and the teachings of Karmic Healer, John Jones, as well as various traditions of meditation and healing such as Tibetan Reiki (Tummo), Japanese (Usui) Reiki, and Medical Qi Gong, which are all disciplines that we’ve personally learned and integrated into our healing methodology.

By learning how to continuously become aware of our true nature – i.e. an eternal soul – and placing our awareness in the upper energy centers (4 and above) that are transcendent of time and space reality, we can begin to dis-identify from prior aspects of self that feel limited and pressured by time and thus enjoy our lives more and more.

Practicing this meditation as often as you’d like, or any time that you feel pressed for time, pressured to achieve some self-imposed expectation, out of time, not having enough time, and any other non optimal relationship to time and what you supposedly ‘need to’ be doing or ‘have to’ do, will allow you to begin to integrate the timeless, eternal nature of your being into all levels of your system so that you can consciously choose how you feel from moment to moment regardless of ‘time passing’ in 3-D reality.

This can help you release stress, anxiety, worry, unnecessary pressure and expectations and support making more conscious choices that will ultimately support a peaceful, creative, healthy, balanced, loving, and harmonious experience of yourself, others, and life.

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