Guided Meditation for Energetic and Karmic Healing and Cutting Cords and Ties

A guided meditation that helps you clear, heal, and release any negative karmas and non optimal energetic dynamics between yourself and others, including cords, ties, and entanglement and replace them with healthy and loving lines of communication and connection between you and them.

Through this meditation, you can learn how to neutralize any negative energy that you might be receiving from anyone, cut energetic cords and ties, and dissolve any karmic entanglement between yourself and others.

Through the release of negative karmas with others and the cord cutting process, not only can you enhance your relationship with the person whom you were karmically entangled with, you can also experience improvements in all of your relationships.  In addition, a karmic healing and the cutting of energetic cords can improve your overall wellbeing and energy state.

By clearing prior non-optimal energetic dynamics in your relationships, you can experience greater inner peace, joy, happiness, groundedness, equanimity, more harmonious relationships, and more.