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Mindfulness Meditation for Self-Forgiveness

A guided meditation that helps you release all memories of pain that have been holding you back, releasing all judgments and punishments of these memories and offering them unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness so that they completely clear from your being.

This guided meditation is designed to help you forgive yourself completely and move on from the past. By forgiving yourself you set yourself free to experience a new reality. This self-forgiveness meditation will also help you open your heart more and allow for more love and energy to flow through you thus ultimately supporting a state of heart and brain coherence.

This meditation is inspired by the teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza, the science of forgiveness, and the Hawaiian forgiveness technique of the Ho’oponopono mantra.

Forgiveness is a key part to setting ourselves free from the old self. When we forgive ourselves, we dis-identify from the old self and the past. In this way, we liberate energy to create a new future.

Practicing this meditation daily, or as often as you like, will help you to open your heart more and more and create space for new things, people, and situations to show up in your life as you retire the old self and merge with a new you that is free of shame, self-judgment, guilt, and the tendency to punish or redeem yourself for past actions and behaviors that you no longer resonate with.

This meditation can help you create greater health, unlimited abundance, more harmonious and loving relationships, greater joy and happiness, success in your career, wondrous mystical experiences, and anything else that you want to experience in your life, including living in a state of gratitude, unconditional love, and awe.

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