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Guided Meditation to Improve Communication Skills and Relationship Dynamics

This guided meditation is a great way to prepare for an interview, a meeting, a first date, or any important communication you want to make (personal of professional).

By preparing in advance, you can address any misapprehension, fear, worry, projection, and other unwanted emotions that you might otherwise carry with you during the communication and which could limit your capacity to listen, hear, and speak optimally and in harmony with others.

By ‘rehearsing’ your communications, you improve them and you can thus become more present, aware, and receptive and thus listen and communicate more optimally at the most important moment.

This meditation uses visualization, imagery, internal dialogue, and energy healing in order to create a shift in consciousness that will enable you to be more relaxed, at peace, and positively prepared for any important event or communication you make in the future.

Using this meditation will not only improve all aspects of your communication and relationships, it will also give you a leading edge in terms of human interactions and managing relationship dynamics, and help you achieve what’s most important and meaningful to you with the least amount of stress and anxiety.
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