Full Body Relaxation Meditation for Sleep

This full body relaxation meditation will help you relax your body completely to help you fall asleep and to help deal with insomnia.  If you feel tension and discomfort in your body and have trouble relaxing, then this meditation for sleep, insomnia, and body relaxation can really help you.

We often carry a lot of tension throughout the day. As we go from one thing to another, we might pick up more and more tension and stress. By bed time, we may not have had a chance to release this tension. We may not even know how.

Using the power of your mind and intention through meditation, you can learn to be aware of tension and stress in your body and release it. Just by practicing this meditation, you will begin to cultivate self-awareness, mindfulness, and relaxation skills. This meditation will take you throughout your entire body, helping you bring your awareness to each body part. Gradually, you will relax each part of your body, bringing light and positive energy from head to toe. By the time the meditation is finished, you will likely be asleep.

If you lay in bed at night and have difficulty feeling comfortable, or if you toss and turn and have intrusive thoughts, then this meditation can really help you let go and fall asleep. If you play it on low volume at night time and just follow along to the sound of Alessandrina’s voice, you’ll be guided to relax your entire body. This will release tension, bring healing, restoration, and deep peace.

Have you ever noticed how relaxed your body is when you wake up? That same level of relaxation can be achieved at night time before going to bed. The faster you reach that level of physical relaxation of the body, the faster you will fall asleep and the better you will sleep.

You have wonderful potential to live a life of inner-peace and relaxation. It is your birthright. Through practice, you will not only get better at relaxation, you will begin to develop a deeper and deeper understanding of yourself, your life, and this world.

We wish you the very best sleep, wonderful dreams, and the happiest life.