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Quiet Mind and Brain Relaxation Guided Meditation

A guided meditation that helps you relax your brain and decrease over activity in thought and sensory stimulation, thereby keeping the mind quiet and at peace.

This guided meditation for a Quiet Mind and Relaxed Brain is designed to help you disconnect from the thinking mind and relax your brain through a step-by-step process of relaxation and the use of gentle autosuggestions.

The content and inspiration for this meditation are the result of years of studies, training, and personal practice of various healing methodologies, including Tibetan Reiki, and self-cultivation practices of Qi Gong and various systems of meditation.  The benefits of such a process is being scientifically demonstrated by Neuroscientists like Dr Joe Dispenza, who is a leader in the field of understanding how meditation affects the brain, mind, and body.

Practicing this guided meditation as often as you’d like can help you bring about more quiet in your mind, balance and relax your brain, and become more conscious and at peace in anything that you do.  This can help you with creativity, focus and concentration, maintaining harmonious relationship, cultivating inner peace and equanimity, becoming more productive, and live in a greater state of joy and happiness.

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