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Cultivating Healthy Boundaries and Self-Sovereignty

In this video, we share an Ancient practice designed to help you maintain healthy boundaries in relationships so that you don’t resonate with, and absorb, negative energy around you.

This practice, a marma from the lineage of Siddha-Veda, which dates back to the physician of Lord Buddha himself, was taught to us by Master Healer, Dr Pankaj Naram, of the same tradition.

Practicing this simple marma, a combination of pressure point and breath work, can help you remain grounded, calm, and present to your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions regardless of the people around you and their state of being.

Through this practice, you can cultivate more and more self-sovereignty and become a leader in emotional intelligence by maintaining healthy energetic boundaries with others and making wise and conscious choices in how you interact in social settings or inter-personally with others.

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Inspiration: Teachings of Dr Pankaj Naram

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