Stress and Anxiety

Grounding Guided Meditation: How to become more present and grounded

A guided meditation that helps you ground yourself in your physical body, allowing you to release ungrounding patterns of thought, emotion and behavior and to manifest what you want to bring into your life through your intention and personal will.

This Grounding guided meditation is designed to help you learn how to ground yourself to the core of the earth and allow for grounding Earth energy to flow through your feet up your energy system, helping you become more present, aware, and grounded.

By learning how to ground yourself, you can become more relaxed, present, conscious, aware, and better able to assess what is happening in the present moment and how to navigate any life situation or relationship dynamic that might have been triggering or ungrounding in the past.

The content and inspiration for this guided meditation are based upon years of studying various practices and disciplines such as Tibetan Reiki Tummo, Taoism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and more.

Practicing this guided meditation as often as you feel inspired to can help you become more grounded and present in your own body. This can lead to greater states of consciousness and therefore greater results and outcomes in your life. It can also help you feel less stressed and with a greater capacity to receive and create the life you truly desire.

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