Beginners Stress and Anxiety

Mindfulness Meditation for Deep Relaxation

A guided meditation that teaches beginners in meditation, and people who feel stressed or anxious, how to relax deeply through the conscious release of facial muscular tension, channeling of relaxing energy to the head, and gentle facial and cranial massage.

Knowingly and unknowingly, we tend to hold onto stress, worry, and anxiety and carry it in our body.  When we do, our nervous system can be in a constant state of fight-or-flight and we can be expanding a lot of energy and deplete ourselves unnecessarily.

This guided meditation for deep relaxation helps you become aware of physical tensions in your body and release them through gently massaging your face while guiding the stress and tension to dissolve from your facial muscles and your cranium to attain a peaceful and restful physical, mental, and emotional state.

This is a great practice to use right before sleep, when feeling stressed or overwhelmed, and right before practicing other meditation techniques that take you very deep.

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