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Abundance Meditation for Money, Wealth, and Prosperity

This guided meditation is designed to help you manifest more money and abundance in your life, supporting living a life of inner peace, joy, wealth creation and receiving.

This guided abundance meditation for money, wealth, and prosperity is designed to help you connect and resonate with the energy of abundance and money (as it exists in the field of pure consciousness) so that you can begin to attract, receive, and manifest more money, wealth, and prosperity in your life.

The content and inspiration for this meditation comes from years of meditative studies and practices and the integration of some of the most effective processes of attuning one’s energy system with the frequency of money and abundance as instructed by teachers and masters like Master Wu, Dr Joe Dispenza, Glenn Morris and his Kundalini Awakening Process, and various teachings of Inner Alchemy in Qi Gong in Daoism and Taoism.

By tuning into the energy of abundance and money, you can begin to resonate with it, clear blockages to receiving more of it, and begin to attract more of it more consistently in your life.

Practicing this guided meditation for abundance daily, or as often as possible, can help you experience more abundance in more areas of your life, release feelings of lack, fears and limiting beliefs of all sorts in regards to money that have created invisible glass ceilings on your capacity to receive and manifest money in your life, attract more and more money, release stress, worry, and anxiety triggered by perspectives of lack, and align yourself to any and all experiences that are meaningful and important to you.

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