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Attract What You Want by Shifting Your Energy Guided Meditation

This guided meditation to attract what you want by shifting your energy is designed to help you learn to start resonating more and more with what you want and move away from resonating with what you don’t want in order to enhance your capacity to attract, create, receive, and manifest what’s most meaningful to you.

By learning how to shift from negative energy states into creative and elevated states of emotion that are in alignment and energetic resonance with what you wish to receive and experience, you move from survival into creativity and thriving.

The content and inspiration for this guided meditation are based upon the teachings and research of Dr Joe Dispenza as well as various ancient processes of manifestation using the creative energy of the universe that is always available to all of us all of the time.

Practicing this guided meditation as often as you’d like can help you swiftly shift out of negative mental and emotional states where you experience lack and separation from what you want, and use the power of your creative energy in order to refocus your attention on love and other elevated states of emotions that support creating and manifesting anything you apply yourself to.

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