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Create the Life you want Guided Meditation through Forgiveness, Focus, and Clarity of Intention

This meditation to create the life you want by forgiving the past, which was taught to us by Dr Smita Naram, while at an Ayurvedic retreat of Panchakarma at Ayushakti in Mumbai, India, is a powerful tool for clearing and cleansing your subconscious mind of negative emotions, pain, and trauma, thus creating space for new experiences and learning to focus on what you want instead of recycling old painful memories that drain your energy and creativity.

Through the process of using acupressure points (marmas) and visualization in a meditative, focused state of relaxation, you can clear, heal, and resolve deep-seated issues within your subconscious mind which might be creating blockages and unwanted experiences in your life right now and therefore make room for new things, situations, relationships, and states of being.

Whatever you haven’t forgiven weighs you down and obscures your consciousness.  When you consciously choose to apply a process of forgiveness aimed at resolving and clearing it at the root, you free yourself from its burden, and you can now redirect your positive focus, attention, time, and energy to what you do want to experience and connecting to the feelings and emotions associated with your most meaningful intentions in life.

Practicing this process as often as you’d like, or any time that you experience some type of physical, mental, or emotional discomfort or pain, can lead to great energetic shifts and personal empowerment in your capacity to achieve your intentions and goals.  It will also bring about more inner peace, joy, love, feelings of connection, personal satisfaction, and deep fulfillment.

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