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Cultivating Elevated Emotions through Inner Alchemy

A guided meditation that helps you increase kundalini energy, health, elevated emotions and wellbeing through mindfulness, simple visualization & energy circulation.

This guided meditation is designed to help you cultivate elevated emotions and transmute negative emotions and states of consciousness through the process of inner alchemy.

This guided meditation is based upon the teachings of Dr Joe Dispenza, and the Kundalini Awakening process taught by the late Dr. Glenn Morris. It pulls from the disciplines of self-hypnosis, yogic scriptures, the science of meditation, and other esoteric and healing practices including Daoism and Taoism that help us transmute the energy of negative emotions into elevated emotions and states of consciousness.

In this guided meditation, inner alchemy and cultivating elevated emotions, you’ll be guided to generate elevated states of emotions that will not only balance and integrate your energy centers but also generate a magnetic field that draws back to you the situations, people, events, and relationships that match your internally generated energetic state.

Practicing this meditation daily, or several times a day if you can, will help with healing, manifestation, creativity, stress-relief, connection, self-love and self-confidence, harmony in relationships, and feeling more and more whole and unconditionally loving, and give you a greater capacity to access the field of consciousness where all possibilities are available to you.

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