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Hemi Sync Brain Coherence Meditation for Focus and Relaxation

This guided meditation for Hemi Sync Brain Coherence is designed to help you create a state of brain coherence by attuning both brain hemispheres to the energy of deep relaxation and relaxed focused concentration.

The content and inspiration for this meditation are the result of integrating the teachings of Dr Joe Dispenza together with the discipline of Tibetan Reiki Energy Healing and other esoteric meditation practices.
Practicing this guided meditation as often as you’d like can help you bring about a state of focused coherence in your mind and brain, balance and relax your brain, and become more conscious, laser focused, and at equanimity in anything that you do. This can help you with creativity, focus and concentration, maintaining harmonious relationships, cultivating inner peace and equanimity, becoming more productive, and living in a greater state of joy, gratitude, and happiness.
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