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Inner Child Healing Guided Meditation | Free Yourself from Triggers, Emotional Pain, Unresolved Emotions and Childhood Trauma

This Inner Child Healing guided meditation is designed to help you heal childhood pain, hurt, and wounds that continue to echo into your life, your body, mind and emotions, and your relationship to yourself and others.

This is a long and more in-depth version of our short Inner Child Healing meditation, which you can find here (for when you have less time for meditation and healing):

The structure and content of this guided meditation is inspired by the scientific research and findings of Dr. Bert Hellinger and Dr. Mark Wollyn, as well as Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Bruce Lipton. It pulls from all of the advancements and insights they’ve contributed to Neuroscience, Epigenetics, and individual and collective Healing in general.

Using this meditation can support the healing of any known or unknown triggers, unresolved emotions, past pain and hurt, and various trauma originating in childhood.  It can help clear, heal, and resolve any associated symptoms, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual and bring about more inner peace, balance, harmony, joy, happiness, love, and fulfillment as a result.

Practicing this meditation regularly can give you a simple and highly effective and replicable process that you can apply any time you feel triggered, anxious, worried, at odds with yourself or others, conflicted, stuck in patterns or habits that don’t serve you, experience arguments, conflicts, or misunderstandings with others, or simply don’t feel safe, loved, or understood in the world, and more…

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