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Self Mastery Guided Meditation | Becoming the Master of Yourself, Your Thoughts & Your Emotions

This Self Mastery guided meditation is designed to help dis-identify with non optimal fearful projections about yourself and to focus positively on what you wish to cultivate in your life and who you choose to become.

By learning how to open our hearts to new creative potentials and actualizing who we choose to be from moment to moment, we can start to feel good about ourselves and become more relaxed, positive, creative, conscious, and focused on what we want to experience and becoming the greatest version of ourselves.

Practicing this guided meditation as often as you feel inspired to can help you swiftly shift out of negative self-talk, self-judgment, self-doubt, fear, pain and hurt, which are all a result of being in survival mode.  In this way, you can positively redirect your attention and energy towards feeling good about yourself, experience more and more elevated emotions in the present moment, and allow miracles and blessings to flow into your realm of consciousness and reality as a result.  Using this meditation regularly will begin to positively transform your self-image and relationship to yourself.

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