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Spiritual Solutions Guided Meditation: Receive Messages from the Masters of the Akashic Records

This guided meditation, Spiritual Solutions, is designed to help you awaken your intuition and receive messages and spiritual guidance from enlightened beings, spirit guides, and the Masters of the Akashic Records.

This guided meditation is based upon ancient teachings in Tibetan Reiki Tummo, Akashic Records, Hypnosis and integrate principles from various healing modalities.

Being able to learn how to gain insights and access information that are only available in higher states of consciousness and to enlightened beings enables us to work through patterns, habits, behaviors, and thought processes that otherwise elude us.

By receiving such precious Insight and guidance, we can begin to transcend prior limitations that lead to ongoing suffering and we can thus feel more inner peace, happiness, and deep joy more and more of the time.

Practicing this guided meditation as often as you’d like, or any time that you wish to understand yourself and your life more deeply can help you to quickly come into alignment with the solution to otherwise seemingly unresolvable problems.

Learning to cultivate an ongoing relationship with Spiritual Masters and Guides can help you release stress, anxiety, worry, illness, fatigue, discontent, disappointment, and any and all other negative emotions that don’t support the life you choose to create and live.

Learning to resonate with enlightened beings and receiving the guidance and messages they share with you will ultimately support a peaceful, creative, healthy, balanced, loving, and harmonious experience of yourself, others, and life.

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